Siberian Express is truly about a real, authentic Russian cultural experience, and its not only about the look, but most importantly it’s about the taste. In order to achieve a smooth, rich and full-bodied vodka; our 'liquid gold' goes through a traditional process that is derived from Russia, to ensure it’s quality.

We make our own spirit from complete scratch by using only top quality wheat that is grown in the lush farm fields of Caledon in the Western Cape. When the wheat arrives at our distillery, we germanise the wheat by following a traditional Russian germanising process. From this, we use the wheat malt along with our own yeast that kick-starts the fermentation process. When our wheatmalt concoction ferments, we like to call it “wheat wine”, it is then ready to be distilled. Our distillation process is done by using a Russian technique that uses distillation parts that have been especially imported from Russia. Our filtration is something special as our single malt spirit is then treated with milk in order to ensure that smooth taste.

After this our Original Vodka has been created. But for those who enjoy a little flavour in their spirits; we have also included a line of “Nastoyka” in our range. Nastoyka is the Russian word for ‘Spirit Aperitif', which is vodka that has been infused with natural ingredients. These ingredients give the Nastoyka it's colour and beautiful flavour. In our Nastoyka range, we indeed use only natural ingredients (real berries, fruits & herbs) and have no sugar added. Our range of Nastoyka’s include; Citrus, Blackcurrant and Coffee.

Each bottle is filled with Siberian Express Vodka on-site of our distillery; bottled and sealed with love and care by the distiller himself and his intimate team. If you’re a sucker for culture, for tradition and for a real Russian journey - get on board the Siberian Express.

The Siberian Express Collection