Our vodka is made with top quality grain spirit and as a result of our stringent distillation process and our careful cutting of the ends of the production run, our spirit is produced with almost no methanol and with lowest point of any fusel oils ever previously measured in South Africa. Not only does this create the finest Vodka, it also results in minimizing hangovers. Your morning time sore head depends on the amount and the quality of alcohol you drink. With Siberian Express Vodka, you illuminate one from that equation.

Original Craft Vodka has a slight after taste of wheat-honey. Easy drinking as a traditional Russian shot - smooth and mellow.
Best to drink from a chilled shot glass with chaser like caviar, salmon, pickled herrings, olives, oysters, pickled veggie, fatty biltong, toast of rye bread with pate or flavored cream cheese, slice of orange or lemon with cheese etc.

Bottle: Art Glass Decanter 500 ml

Alcohol: 43%

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Traditional Russian Craft Vodka - Original

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